Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time duration of a 50 feet film reel?
What is the difference between 8mm and S8mm film
What are the different reel sizes?
Do you clean the films before transferring?
Should I keep my films after the transfer?
What is the usual processing time to have my films done?
Can you transfer other rare and unusual formats of moving images?


How We Restore Your Memories

Restoring memories is a painstaking process but we take pride in doing it right. We are committed to treating your important moments as if they were our own.

Scanning, conversion, restoration…we do it all! Our goal is to help you renew your media so that you can enjoy it long into the future. We digitize your films, videos, music, and pictures into formats that you can view and share today.
Examine and Review Original Material
Clean and Repair Any Material
Scan to Digital
Colour Correction
Contrast Correction
Transfer to USB Key or Other Media Formats
Deliver Original and New Formats