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1980- VideoMedia's Origin

VideoMedia was founded on the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec in 1980.

When we first started, we were known as Trans Media. Our name referred to the transfer of films to video formats. We were one of the first companies to provide this service and established our reputation as a leader in film-to-video transfers.

1990 – VideoMedia incorporates

The name changes, the quality doesn’t. Trans Media undergoes a revamp and we incorporate as VideoMedia Productions Inc. in 1990. We then conclude strategic partnerships with several media companies that require our transfer services for their professional productions.

Our list of satisfied customers grew steadily. By now, we were providing film transfers here and slowly developing other services, including video transfers.

2000 – Digital age

With the invention of the DVD format in 1995, the digital age began and it was time to adapt our business model to keep up with technology. As digital media gained popularity,  we expanded our services to work on digital formats. We began doing audio transfers, photo transfer, and 9.5mm Film Transfer.

2007 – Scanners arrive in the market place

The year is 2007.  As scanning became the standard practice for high-quality image-to-digital transfers, we purchased our first film scanner for transferring films.

With better quality and faster transfer times, we were able to broaden our services and provide more options to our clients.

2017 – New generation of scanners

As scanners became more sophisticated, we acquired our first high-definition (HD) film scanner. This allowed us to diversify our services even further and enabled us to offer our clients HD scanning of their 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm films.

2022 Acquisition of a 2K scanner for S8 and 8mm film transfers

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the very latest in scanning technology, so in 2022 we expanded our service offering even further through the acquisition of a 2K film scanner.

We are now proud to offer 2K-resolution scanning of Super 8mm and 8mm films to our clients.

Our Team

At VideoMedia, we have a team of 5 expert technicians who treat your valued memories as if they were their own.

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